Respect Tytan, social media reacts Stunner, Olinda flame at her birthday

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Zimbabweans on social media have reacted with shock and disgust at what they view as disrespect shown to musician Tytan by his wife Olinda Chapel.

Chapel celebrated her 40th birthday Monday and was serenaded by hip hop star ex-hubby Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme.

Stunner also took to his Facebook account to wish Olinda a happy birthday in a heartfelt, nostalgic but certainly troubling message for sympathisers of 34-year-old Tytan, whose relationship with the socialite has hit turbulence.

But other commentators slammed the Mukoko hitmaker Tytan for simply not walking away from the monied Olinda, who appears to be drifting away after getting her mojo back following a body makeover that made her regain confidence. Last month she hinted they were divorcing.

Still others found hilarity in this latest episode of the drama-filled marriage.

“Imagine your wife’s Ex boyfriend singing for her on her birthday and saying all these things… Stunner and Olinda must respect Tytan,” influencer The Instigator @Am_Blujay said on Twitter.

“We should make Tytan the ambassador of Labour Pains, he knows pain,” another user Duchess of Mthwakazi @Xesha8

Jewels @Jewels_MsJay said: “Tytan needs to grow a pair, have self-love, and self-respect. Never allow someone to disrespect you simply because they have more money than you. If you are destined for a certain lifestyle, it will come to you. Olinda is still in love with stunner.”

There was some slamming on Stunner, as well.

One user said Stunner should grow up and stop “singing for his supper”. Literally.





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