Reincarnation of Lazarus Boora

Tau carries father’s legacy amidst plea for support in drama industry

Abel Karowangoro and Yolanda Manyenga

Harare’s Ster Kinekor at Joina City came alive with excitement and nostalgia during the much-anticipated launch and premier of the drama series “The Return of Gringo Series.”

The event marked the passing of the baton as the late iconic actor Lazarus Boora aka Gringo’s son, Taurai “Gringo”, stepped into his father’s shoes, embodying the beloved character with flair and dedication.

The atmosphere at the premiere was filled with both pride and sorrow, as Taurai Gringo reminisced about his father’s legendary contributions to the Zimbabwean entertainment industry.

The drama “The Return of Gringo Series“ promises to be a heartwarming journey, reigniting the laughter and joy that the elder Gringo had once brought to countless fans.

Amidst the celebration, there was also a touch of philanthropy from various cooperate companies pledge to Taurai Gringo.

Some of the actors involved in the series were presented with food hampers to help support them during these challenging times.
It was a heartening gesture that reflected the spirit of togetherness within the drama fraternity.

During a brief interview with Review and Mail, Taurai Gringo candidly expressed his concerns about the challenges faced by Zimbabwean comedians and the drama industry at large.

“He lamented that the lack of government support and corporate sponsorship, which often leaves actors struggling to make ends meet.

“Acting is not just a passion for us; it’s our livelihood, how we feed our families,” Taurai Gringo said.
Taurai’s father, Gringo, had been an emblematic figure in Zimbabwean entertainment. His comedic talent brought smiles to the faces of many, yet his final days were marred by financial struggles.

Taurai shared his hope that the future of Zimbabwean comedians and actors can be different.

He pleaded with authorities and businesses to recognise the potential of the drama industry wand extend a helping hand.

“Despite my father’s popularity and the joy, he brought to people, he passed away in poverty. It’s heartbreaking to see how little support there is for the drama industry in our country,” he said.

He called for greater investment in local productions, training opportunities for aspiring actors, and more platforms to showcase their talent.

The premier of “The Return of Gringo” served as a reminder of the immense talent that exists within Zimbabwe’s drama industry.

It showcased the potential of local productions to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

However, it also shed light on the pressing need for support and recognition from various sectors to sustain and elevate the country’s entertainment scene.

As the audience left the cinema, they carried with them both fond memories of the late Gringo and newfound admiration for his son’s dedication to carrying on his legacy.

Ruzivo Holdings gave Taurai Gringo a residential stand in Chinhoyi and cash. Economic Empowerment Group (EEG), hand over food hampers to Willam Matenga aka Mr Gweshe and Ben Mahaka aka Tom Mbambo of
Studio 263.
Chisa Nyama also gave a stand to the crew which is going to be given to a member of their choice.

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