Ras Caleb releases new single

Arts Review Writer

Reggae prodigy and multi-award winner, Ras Caleb, has released a new single, Rabbi.

The track, produced by Warren Park based Ziggy, was released on YouTube Tuesday.

The Tokwe-Mukosi hitmaker told Arts Review that the project had been in the pipeline and had been stalled by COVID-19.

“We made this song before covid thinking to put it on an album,” Ras Caleb said.

“But then Ziggy got a job and his time and mine were clashing and when we link up last week we were like hey that song needs to just be dropped yakadaro and so today tabva taisheya,” he said.

New project…Ras Caleb and producer Ziggy

The song rides on a powerful raggae drum beat and Ras Caleb, affectionately known as Zvikiribidi, matches up with conscious lyrics that have made him the country’s foremost voice of spirituals.

The song revolves around a message of hope and conquering adversity, a key message to ghetto youths.

Ras Caleb’s increasing vocal strength and excellent coordination do shine light on continuous improvement, as the chanter has also been exposed to international projects.

Listen to the song here and rate it!

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