Rapper Kikky Badass endorses ED

R&M Writer

Popular Zimbabwean rapper Kikky Badass has publicly endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa, sparking heated debates across the nation.

The endorsement, announced through a social media video that went viral.

Known for her outspoken lyrics and activism, Kikky Badass’s endorsement of President Mnangagwa comes as a shock to many of her fans who associate her with advocating for social justice and speaking out against the government.

In the video rapper praised the President’s leadership.

“Vamwe vanoda kutibawo. Pamberi nani? NaVaMnangagwa…2023 E.D pfee pfee pfeee! Hoyooo”

The rapper was chanting while being cheered on by a mysterious guy behind the camera who was taking her video.

With the elections fast approaching many famous figures are endorsing the political parties they want. Some are even going the extra mile with helping to fund campaigns like Prophet Uebert Angel, Passion Java and many more.

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