Ran Mine Collapse: Two bodies retrieved, five still trapped

By Libinance Dokora.

Two bodies of artisanal miners were retrieved by rescue teams following a collapse of a shaft mine at Ran mine in Bindura  while five more artisanal miners are still trapped underground, police have revealed.

Ran mine is situated in Bindura in the Gwiringwindi area. Mashonaland central province.

The mine was shut down in 2010 but artisanal miners were still sticking around for residual gold.

Apparently, the police unveiled the sad news of retrieval of two bodies of miners who were trapped underground after a fatal collapse.

“Update on the trapping incident at Ran Mine, Bindura. On 24 June 2023, two bodies of the trapped artisanal miners were retrieved.

The police went on to highlight that five more artisanal miners were still trapped underground as efforts were being made to retrieve them.

“It is being suspected that five other artisanal miners remain trapped in the mine,” police said.

Mashonaland Central Zimbabwe Miners Federation chairperson Christina Munyoro said Ran Mine was not new to accidents that have robbed a lot of people of their lives

“It is indeed an unfortunate incident; it is the same shaft that collapsed last time, and rescue teams despite putting all their efforts are struggling to get inside.

In 2020, around 40 artisanal miners were trapped at the mine when a shaft collapsed while last year, two more were also killed after another shaft collapsed.

She further envisaged that the police is not certain about the number of miners who are not yet recovered but they are briskly going about their job to ensure that the remaining miners are retrieved.

“It’s still not clear the number of miners trapped inside but we hear there are 4-6 casualties,” she said.

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