Qounfuzed releases song amid leaked video

R&Mail Writer

Zimdancehall artist Qounfuzed was the talk of the internet for a hot day after a recorded video call of him and his girlfriend was leaked online.

The video was circulated all over the internet and shared on different platforms. It showed the two lovebirds trying to be intimate in a long-distance relationship over the phone.

In the wake of the leaked video, many fans analyzed it and concluded that it was edited in some parts. While others stood with the musician, many turned against the girl he was in the video with.

Qonfuzed, known for his many hits and collaborations, did not respond directly to the leaked video. However, he released a song in the middle of the crisis, which has fans applauding his team for their crisis management.

The new music Nzvimbo Yako on which he features Majesty has started gaining traction, with fans celebrating his musical talent like always.

On the other hand, the girl in the video released her statement apologizing for recording the call without Qounfuzed’s knowledge.

She pleaded with the person leaking her private videos to stop, as they had already destroyed her image

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