Prophet claims he can move mountains

Phillipa Jaja

Self-styled prophet Isaac Makomichi, who is based in Masvingo, has captivated the attention of Zimbabweans by proclaiming that the nation should prepare itself for yet another astounding miracle in the coming days.

The prophet claims that he will execute a remarkable feat by swapping a mountain located in Harare in a matter of just seven seconds.

Makomichi is revelling in his recent walking on water miracle which resulted in him being allegedly attacked by a crocodile in a river near the Kariba
Dam. The so-called prophet invited everyone to attend the occasion although he said his miracles are conditional on the exclusion of one-eyed people and pregnant women.

He qualified the underlying reasons by likening himself to the biblical Samson who was required to never cut his hair.

“I am in the middle of concluding certain modalities that will see me move a mountain in Harare for a couple of seconds and return it to its original place.

“Everyone is invited although the taking of videos is not allowed in addition to my other conditions,” he said.

Makomichi confirmed his recent walking on water miracle.

“I did walk on water although I have received a vicious backlash for being a fake prophet from media people who have been asking to confirm the issue.

“I did advertise the event on various social platforms before undertaking this action. However, I do not want to blow my own trumpet any further and
am asking you to corroborate the story with various people who can attest to the deed,” he said.

The Masvingo based prophet claims to have gotten his miraculous powers in 2021 although his church, the Miracles Healing and Deliverance Ministries (MHD) was formed in 2015

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