Promoter used my brand, Jah Prayzah to sell tickets: Makhadzi

Abel Karowangoro

The stage serves as a canvas for artists to paint their stories, with moments that transcend the spotlight.

One such tale revolves around the electrifying South African musician, Makhadzi, whose night of performance at the Africa Music Festival UK turned into a saga of sabotage.

Makhadzi was paid half a million rands for a single gig, leaving fans thrilled to witness her magic on stage. Booked for an hour-long performance, Makhadzi’s excitement was palpable.

However, the path to that stage would be far from smooth. As the evening approached, her time slot was mysteriously shifted, and rumours began to circulate that the venue would close its doors promptly at 10 pm.

“My time slot was constantly moved up, and the venue was closing at 10 pm sharp,” Makhadzi said.

This twist added an air of urgency to the proceedings, leaving both the audience and Makhadzi on edge.

She blames Winky D, who took the stage and held the audience captive for a staggering 80 minutes. As time slipped away, so did Makhadzi’s opportunity to shine.

Makhadzi claimed that the promoter used her brand and Jah Prayzah’s name to sell tickets, saying, “Jah Prayzah and I had to share 40 minutes.”

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