Proff Jonathan Moyo accuses Chamisa of running a secret society CCC

Self- exiled former minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has accused Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the opposition party, of running a secret society called the (Citizens Coaliation For Change).

Professor Moyo, made these claims on his social media responding to criticism why He supported Chamisa in 2018 after the November 2017 military take over.

“It’s clear that the 2018 Chamisa has changed to the 2023 Chamisa, who now leads an opaque secret society called CCC, which has no ideology besides an oxymoron called strategic ambiguity, with no constitution, no policies, no structures, and no office bearers except four visible individuals: Chamisa himself, Mahere, Ostallos, and Chibaya who is just a runner with no voice,”Proffesor Moyo said.

Nelson Chamisa

“In the first place, your Chamisa has changed big time. He is not the same as the 2018 Chamisa whose rhetoric was about forging a broad-based movement and who was an MDC-A presidential candidate of different political parties that had their own leaders, and whose broad based ranks even included ZanuPF elements some of whom were his parliamentary candidates, while others campaiged for him or mobilised funds for his campaign.”

The allegations made by Professor Moyo have sparked a fierce debate within political circles.

Here are some of the comments:

Freeman”Bla Jonso you are suffering from the Hollywood Syndrome. You can’t formulate your ideas without first creating imaginary enemies? Next time start with “I Jonathan Moyo, believing that I am John Wick declares heretofore…

“Then we know kuti chatanga chimdara chiya!”Bob Is Here To Explain”You can change your opinion whenever you want. jonso was very critical of zanupf after the military coup in 2017, but now he is supporting them. this is wrong and people don’t like it.”

Gibson Nyikadzino “In your 2004 paper, you highlighted 4 key generations to Africa’s political evolution from the from the Pan-Africanist, Nationalist, Globalist and the (re)nascent generations. Which one does the CCC represent if you can help locate them, if they are locate-able?”.

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