Prof Moyo in heartfelt revelations

…on Zanu-PF, 2017 and Chamisa

Abel Karowangoro

Former Information Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, has opened up on his long-standing association
with the ruling party, Zanu-PF, all but confirming his allegiance to the ruling party.

In a lengthy Twitter in response to a taunt by opposition member David Coltart, Moyo made heartfelt revelations
about his relationship with Zanu-PF before and after the November 2017 coup.

Coltart had made comments regarding Moyo’s father who was allegedly killed by security forces in 1983 during Gukurahundi.

Moyo described his relationship with the ruling party as having “complexities” but with profound impact on shaping his “identity as an adult Zimbabwean”.

“I do not have a fly by night connection with Zanu-PF,” Moyo said, who traced history with the revolutionary party
back to 1977 as a student in the USA after leaving Mgagao training camp in Tanzania.

However, he also highlighted the unexpected turn of events, disclosing that he, his family,and his colleagues were at
the receiving end of the 2017 coup, but survived through assistance from Zanu-PF – not opposition.

He said: “During the life threatening 2017 ordeal that my family and I went through, there was not even one person
associated with the opposition as it was then, or as it is today, who reached out to find out where I was or how I was
doing. It is common cause, some of it is documented, that many in the opposition then and who are still in opposition today, actually wanted me dead, all because of my political ndifferences with them.”

Regarding the opposition, Moyo was contemptuously dismissive.

“As for Chamisa, having worked closely with him between 2018 and 2021, I came to the settled conclusion in
November 2021 that he is a dictator with a very dangerous God complex, in that he sees himself as having been chosen by God to lead Zimbabwe, and more ominously, he claims to have direct communication with God who has the last word on what he should do or say in public,” he said.

Added he: “There’s nothing more dangerous in politics than, a young ‘popular’ dictator with a God complex. My conscience and freedom to political choices freely do not allow me to support a leader like that.”

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