President praises China over assistance

Abel Karowangoro & Libinance Dokora

President Mnangagwa expressed heartfelt gratitude to the People’s Republic of China for their significant contributions to Zimbabwe’s development, particularly in crucial infrastructure projects.

China’s assistance in the development of the Hwange Power Station and the Kariba Dam was acknowledged with appreciation by President Mnangagwa.

These projects have been critical in addressing Zimbabwe’s the health sector.

The President lauded China’s unwavering support during a Star rally in Centenary where he detailed the extent of China’s assistance in various vital initiatives. One of the notable projects that President Mnangagwa praised China for was the construction of the new Parliament building in Zimbabwe.

The state-of-the-art facility is set to serve as a symbol of the nation’s progress and sovereignty.

The President hailed the bilateral cooperation, emphasising that the new Parliament building would not only enhance the country’s legislative processes but also strengthen Zimbabwe-China relations.

“When l visited China, their president who is my friend gave us a free grant to build our Parliament,” he said.

The energy sector has also benefited from the China-Zimbabwe relations.

“China’s support in the construction and modernization of our power infrastructure has been instrumental in alleviating electricity shortages and powering our nation’s industries,” President Mnangagwa said, commending China’s role in these transformative projects.

Moreover, the President extended his gratitude to China for its collaboration in bolstering Zimbabwe’s healthcare system.

China’s partnership has been vital in equipping and upgrading medical facilities across the country, providing access to quality healthcare for Zimbabwean citizens.

President Mnangagwa commended the assistance rendered in enhancing medical research and training programs, which have had a positive impact on the nation’s healthcare sector.

“The support from China has significantly improved our capacity to respond to health care challenges and has helped in saving numerous lives.
We are immensely grateful for their generous contributions,”

President Mnangagwa said. China and Zimbabwe’s bilateral relations have also culminated in a massive infrastructural development manifested in the expansion of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport which is now matching world class services.

“We also received some money from China to build Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport which we commissioned last week.

It is very beautiful and a clear development that have significantly improved our transport system as our airport is now matching world class standards,”

China and Zimbabwe have maintained a robust relationship over the years, marked by mutual cooperation and shared goals. President Mnangagwa highlighted that the partnership between the two nations was built on the principles of respect and genuine friendship, further strengthening the foundations of collaboration in various sectors.

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