Power generation resurrects mining sector

Libinance Dokora

Increased power generation paved way for the mining sector to unleash its potential for excellence through the revival of the country’s power old mines, promoting of  the establishment of new mines as well as the expansion of existing mines such as Unkie, Murowa Diamonds and Bikita Lithium among others, Review and Mail reveals.

Zimbabwe has achieved milestones in the mining sector as the country is working flat out towards becoming a US$12 billion mining economy from the pre-second Republic economy of US$2.8 billion spearheaded by the increased power generation.

The mining sector heavily relies on electricity to extract and process minerals hence the mining operations require high levels of energy to power the drilling and extraction equipment, lighting and cooling systems.

“The production process of minerals such as gold, copper and platinum requires energy intensive processes like crushing, grinding and refining have an indispensable need for a consistent electricity supply,”  said President Mnangagwa.

In recent years,  Zimbabwe witnessed over 45 percent decline in gold production which was attributed to the electricity crisis, among other factors.

Apart from reduced production levels, the energy crisis led to increased costs of mining operations. For instance, miners had to use fuel-powered generators to supplement the grid’s electricity, making the mining process more expensive and a threat to the 12billion dollar Mining Industry, thanks to the Government’s initiatives which have increased the power generation.

This comes at a time when the second republic is anchored on the National Development Strategy 1 of becoming a middle-income society by the year 2030 with the mining sector contributing immensely to the cause

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