Perseverance and dedication key to success- Siyachitema

Shelly Guni

She has been there, seen it all and conquered the netball courts in one of the historic national netball team appearances.

The former Gems captain made history by leading the senior netball team during their maiden world cup appearance in Liverpool, England in 2019.

The team went on to finish a remarkable eighth.

However, soon after the World Cup, Perpetua Siyachitema hung her boots to focus on her coaching career, which she had begun a few years back as a player coach.

She was also playing a role in the junior national team, where she was assistant coach of the under 19 and 21 teams.

“Hard work pays, and I feel as a former player I have a different understanding of the game and I try to pass it on to my girls,” Siyachitema told Review and Mail Sport.

Siyachitema’s netball career stretched to over two decades. With 15 year being in the national team. She remains arguably Zimbabwe’s finest netball midcourt player.

The 39-year-old made her debut appearance for the national team at the age of 19 and was a strong force to reckon with in the netball squad.

The former star player joined Glow in 2014 and went on to win the league in 2016.

Recently, her team won the Rainbow Netball League title for the second time in a row, which means she now has three titles with Glow, one as a player and two as a coach.

And for her exploits, last season, she was named coach of the year.

“I feel it’s all about hard work, determination, team work and complementing each other’s roles.”

Siyachitema has been playing a leading role in showing that what men can do, even women can do better in as much as netball is concerned.

This comes at the backdrop of having many teams in the local netball fraternity  being led by men.

Even at national level, men take the leading role

“My dream is to see more women driving the sport in terms of coaching, managerial, umpiring and in leadership roles.”

As if it is not enough, Siyachitema’s team has managed to contribute three players to the national team, which is currently in camp preparing for the Diamond Cup set for Pretoria, South Africa from 22-26 November, 2022.

She went on to express her satisfaction with the development.

“I’m very happy to see some of my players getting national team call ups and contributing positively to the team, it is my wish to see them excel beyond expectation,” she said.

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