Peaceful participation at heart of democracy: Mnangagwa

Abel Karowangoro

President Emmerson Mnangagwa took to X/Twitter to underline the significance of democratic values following the conclusion of the voting period.

His tweet read, “Our voting period has concluded. Let us remember that our democracy is built on the foundation of peaceful participation and mutual respect. Every vote counts, every voice matters.”

The President’s words underscore the vital role that peaceful participation and respectful discourse play in upholding the democratic process.

Mnangagwa’s tweet comes after a period of active civic engagement during elections.

Zimbabwe has experienced moments of political tension in the past, making Mnangagwa’s message particularly relevant as the nation navigates its democratic responsibilities.

The President’s emphasis on the value of every vote and every voice reflects the commitment to inclusivity and the acknowledgment that a healthy democracy thrives when all citizens are heard and respected.

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