Parliament to monitor Gold Mafia claims investigations, Hon Mudenda says

A motion for Parliament to look into claims made in the Gold Mafia documentary, which Al Jazeera aired last month, has been rejected.

In a memo to the by the by Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda, to the Public Accounts and Budget and Finance committees, which had proposed an inquiry into the matter the parliament are monitoring the investigations which ‘specialized agencies like the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC)  are already looking into the same issue,

“I wish to inform from the onset that the matter is serious and of national importance. However it is pertinent to note that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and the RBZ have already started investigating on the matter. In that vein it would be improper for Parliament to embark on an inquiry on a matter that other arms of the State are investigating,” reads the memo.

He added that:

“It is prudent to leave the investigations to specialised agencies like ZACC and the police are better placed to investigate matters,” Mudenda said.

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