Outrage over Bulawayo Poly dress code

Phillipa Jaja

The Bulawayo Polytechnic’s new dress code meant to dissuade inappropriate dressing at the institution has ignited a twitter war with users against its requirements.

A November 15 memo signed by Chiedza Masanganise, the polytechnic’s principal, states that the dictates are in line with the institution’s mandate of training and grooming professionals for commerce and industry.

Twitter user, Vee remarked, “They are crazy.”

Bambino’s Pa said “I wonder if there are “feminists” at Bulawayo Poly!! Something they really can put their energy towards!!”

Robert Mukondiwa replied: “Well it may obtain everywhere still doesn’t make it right. Apartheid was enforced EVERYWHERE in South Africa but……”

Another user, sekuru bizzy weighed in saying, “Every institution has its own set standards and rules whoever feels the need to walk semi naked at school must not go Bulawayo Poly. They must try other places.”

The memo is addressed at both genders and advises that errant students will be ‘… asked to correct before accessing any Bulawayo Polytechnic facility and lectures.’

The following are some of the conditions regarding women’s dressing being banned at the college.

 “Ripped jeans, sleeveless tops and dresses, tops and dresses that reveal breast cleavages, biker and bum shorts, see through clothes…”

For men: “… Caps in class and offices for everyone and have head gear for male students in class and offices except on religious grounds, dropping off of trousers and shorts and wearing of slippers (pata pata).”

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