Outgoing Chitungwiza Mayor’s achievements speak volumes

Shelly Guni
Chitungwiza’s outgoing Mayor, Kiven Mutimbanyoka, has expressed his satisfaction with the accomplishments made under his leadership in less than a year.

Despite the limited time frame, Mutimbanyoka’s tenure witnessed significant transformations in various aspects of the council’s operations, ranging from service delivery to worker welfare and improved working conditions.

One noteworthy achievement highlighted by Mutimbanyoka is the successful computerisation of all departments within the Chitungwiza municipality.

This technological advancement promises to streamline administrative processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Speaking to the media, Mutimbanyoka attributed his achievements to the support he received from Zanu-PF and the Government, particularly acknowledging the contribution of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

“I owe the progress I’ve made in Chitungwiza to Zanu-PF and the Government, led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa,” he said.

Reflecting on the state of affairs prior to his tenure, Mutimbanyoka emphasized the positive impact he was able to affect.

“I brought about significant changes in a council that was previously struggling to operate effectively. The result has been a palpable sense of contentment among the populace due to these positive developments,” Mutimbanyoka said.

As he transitions out of his mayoral role, Mutimbanyoka expressed his willingness to continue contributing to the community.

“Even as I step down, I remain eager to assist those seeking information or guidance to further develop Chitungwiza,” he said.

The achievements, however, came at a financial cost. The various improvements required an investment of approximately US$750,000.

Importantly, this financial outlay was funded internally, without any external borrowing, as it was covered by ratepayers.

Furthermore, the council received a substantial donation valued at US$1.8 million.

This donation consisted of materials and equipment earmarked for the rehabilitation of the sewage system, a critical infrastructure need for the municipality.

Mutimbanyoka urged the electorate to choose their future mayor judiciously to ensure the continuity of development efforts.

“I implore the people to make wise choices when selecting their next mayor. This will ensure that the trajectory of development remains on course,” he said.

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