Our ejection from Zim was illegal: Maroleng

Farirayi Kahwemba

South African veteran broadcaster, Chris Maroleng has hit back at the Zimbabwean Government after he was controversially deported from the country just two days after his arrival.

The Review & Mail ran an article in the August 18 edition detailing the deportation of the veteran South African broadcaster.


Maroleng – who also heads think tank Good Governance Africa (GGA) – arrived in Zimbabwe on August 15 together with three of his colleagues.

However, they were all ordered out of Zimbabwe two days later for allegedly “misrepresenting” their intentions of visiting the country.

This was after the Zimbabwean Government became suspicious of Maroleng’s motives and concluded he failed to satisfactorily explain – in detail – the “research” purposes of his team. Maroleng’s team was composed of “a coterie of apartheid securocrats, mercenaries and American military and oil contractors…under the guise of research and observing elections,” according to a Zimbabwe Government spokesperson and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Secretary Nick Mangwana.

Posting on his X/Twitter handle, Maroleng said his deportation was both illegal and unjustified.

“Our research mission in Zimbabwe, which had been pre-approved by both Zimbabwean officials and SAPES Trust, was unexpectedly cut short after just 2 days.

“My team’s unexpected departure from the country raises significant questions about the legality and jurisdiction behind this,” Maroleng said.

“Our illegal ejection from Zimbabwe cannot be justified as lawful deportation. We were not provided with a formal written notification of the Immigration Act violation, nor were we informed of any other laws violated,” he added.

“This tendency by ZANU PF is manifested particularly during election periods.

“This is not a new story; it is a recurring pattern that gains disturbing new chapters with each passing day,” he said.

Respected political commentator professor Stephen Chan was among many observers who defended Maroleng and his team.

“There is nothing populist or rabble rousing about Good Governance. They publish sober analyses of many African countries,” Chan said.

“Maroleng is a very respected figure and Good Governance Africa is a very responsible organisation,” Chan added.

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