Old street con ‘feja feja’ lives on

Abel Karowangoro

In the heart of the bustling city, a seemingly innocuous game known as “Feja Feja” has taken the streets by storm, promising excitement and the chance to win big.

As the city pulses with energy, this game of chance has become a magnet for those seeking a quick thrill and the allure of easy money.

However, a recent investigation by the publication Review&Mail has shown a spotlight on the dark underbelly of this popular street activity.

Feja feja is a trick that has been used in Zimbabwe, South Africa and other countries for long and they are many written texts about it. But, those who are ignorant of the trick always fall victims to it.

Lured by the promise of luck

Feja Feja revolves around a simple setup: a group of participants gathers around as a person rotates bottle lids containing an object inside. Gamblers place their bets, trying to predict which lid will align with the concealed object.

The promise of winning big, often blinds participants to the risks involved, as they eagerly pledge their hard-earned money in hopes of striking it lucky.
A deceptive web of collusion

However, the Review&Mail’s visit to the Feja Feja scene revealed a shocking truth: the game is far from a fair contest.

Disguised as fellow gamblers, a team operates within the group, surreptitiously working together to ensure that participants lose. This orchestrated collaboration throws a dark shadow over the game’s veneer of chance, leaving unsuspecting gamblers at the mercy of an elaborate scam.

One individual who fell victim to the Feja Feja scheme shared his experience with the publication.

“The noise they made and the apparent excitement of others drew me in,” he admitted.

“Before I knew it, I had lost $50.” This stark revelation highlights the game’s ability to manipulate participants’ emotions and create an atmosphere of camaraderie that conceals its fraudulent nature.

Criminality unveiled

In a stark warning to those tempted by the allure of Feja Feja, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi labelled the activity a crime.

“If you should have any grievance against such activities, come forward and report to the law enforcement agents,” Nyathi said.
“We will effect arrests, and the courts will sentence accordingly.”

While the Feja Feja scam may appear as a harmless form of entertainment, its intricate web of deceit exposes the vulnerability of individuals looking for a quick win.

As the streets continue to be a backdrop for such illicit activities, law enforcement’s vigilance becomes crucial in safeguarding the public from falling victim to cunning schemes.

A call for caution

As the sun sets over the urban landscape, the streets come alive with the promise of excitement and adventure.

Yet, the shadows cast by activities like Feja Feja remind us that not all that glitters is gold.

Behind the cheers and laughter lies a world of deception, reminding us of the need for caution, awareness, and the wisdom to discern between chance and exploitation

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