Nyanga family tormented by avenging spirit of a prostitute

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A family in Nyanga has found itself at its end as they believe that a spirit seeking revenge is haunting them. The spirit is said to be that of a sex worker killed by their father 50 years ago.

The Muusha family of Nyanga is seeking help after the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Ncube has emerged and possessed many family members.

Elizabeth is said to have been a sex worker from Chiredzi who Moses Muusha killed after they had a payment dispute for services rendered.

The matter has been brought to Chief Saunyama’s court to settle the unfortunate events that have happened to the Muusha family.

Moses Muusha, however, had denied all the allegations that he had a connection with the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Ncube before. Still, he shocked everyone in the court when he confessed to killing the woman.

Muusha admitted that he was involved in the murder of Elizabeth Ncube in 1968.

Moses also shared that after he committed the crime, he was arrested and convicted by the courts. Muusha served a prison sentence for his crime.

In his confession, Moses Muusha narrated the ordeal as follows: “I was a young man and did not know what I was doing then. We were both drunk, and the sex worker denied me her services after she had collected her payment. I hit her once, and she fell to her death.”

However, Moses Muusha does not believe that the spirit possesses his family members and accuses his first wife and her children.

He accuses his wife of faking the possession episodes to manipulate and deceive him financially.

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