NSSA will give part-pension payments in foreign currencies

In order to protect retired employees from financial hardships, National Social Security Authority pensioners will start receiving a portion of their monthly distribution in foreign currency starting in the following month.

Through the Special Presidential Bonus and the Covid-19 allowance, the government has been working tirelessly to provide relief for retirees, The Herald reports

In a statement, NSSA confirmed that beneficiaries would receive a portion of their June pension in US dollars although it did not disclose the actual percentage or figure.

“Beneficiaries with Econet lines will have the choice of receiving the US dollar component through EcoCash, or their usual bank accounts. To be paid through EcoCash dial *912*1*1# and follow the instructions.

“This has to be done before 31 May 2023, or you will be paid through your bank. Messages will be send first to our clients before they can dial the short code,” said NSSA.

The authority said modalities for incorporating other mobile money service providers were underway.

Pensioners yesterday described the move as a step in the right direction.

A pensioner from Mabelreign, Mrs Tilda Chakanga, said they were hopeful NSSA to pay part pension in foreign currency

that the forex component would be enough to cater for the basic goods.

“I am glad that we will be receiving a forex component. My only wish is that the money will be enough to enable me to cater for my basic needs including buying groceries,” she said.

“Most informal traders are now demanding forex for their goods and services so for us to have a portion in forex that would be a noble idea which we welcome,” she said.

Granny Rosemary Chishika said she hoped that the forex component would soon become a permanent feature.

“My hope is that this will be a monthly thing, not some sort of a cushioning allowance. It is ideal for the component to be monthly just like what civil servants are receiving,” he said.

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