Non-judicial officials crucial for effective justice: Chief Justice Malaba

Abel Karowangoro

In a keynote address delivered at the Registrars’ and Sheriffs’ Conference, the Chief Justice of Zimbabwe, The Honourable Mr Justice Luke Malaba, emphasised the critical role played by non-judicial officials in the administration of justice.

The conference, held in Nyanga, gathered judges, legal professionals, and representatives from various law enforcement agencies to deliberate on matters pertaining to the efficient delivery of justice.

Addressing a distinguished audience that included Judges of the Supreme Court, the High Court, and the Labour Court, as well as legal society representatives, Justice Malaba highlighted the significance of non-judicial personnel in maintaining an effective judicial system. Chief Justice Malaba said non judicial officials, including registrars and sheriffs, are vital components in the delivery of justice, acting as essential links between the judiciary and the public.

“Judges and judicial officers carry out their legal functions, the effective functioning of the judiciary also relies on the administrative processes executed by non-judicial staff.

“The conference sought to shed light on the pivotal role of these officials in ensuring the seamless operation of the justice system,” Malaba said. The Chief Justice highlighted that a successful administration of justice required a commitment to duty and a dedication to service delivery.

“Every office within the judiciary, including registrars and sheriffs, must adhere to strict legal standards and exhibit unwavering commitment to their responsibilities,” He said.

The keynote address underlined the importance of competence and quality of service in upholding public confidence in the judiciary.

Justice Malaba emphasised that this principle extended to non-judicial staff as well, as they are integral in maintaining the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of the judicial system. The conference addressed a range of topics, including performance management, client care, and the integration of technology.

It delved into the distinct functions of registrars and sheriffs, detailing their responsibilities in the administration of justice.

The introduction of digital platforms for case management and auctioning was also discussed, with experts highlighting the positive impact of technology on operational efficiency.

Concluding his address, Justice Malaba expressed his hopes that the conference would serve to break down institutional barriers and promote a unified approach to delivering justice.

He emphasised the importance of understanding the significant role that non-judicial officials play and the necessity of continuous improvement to ensure a robust judicial system.

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