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After studying banking and finance and having been in the industry for five years, Kudzi Webster Mucheuki has released his third motivational book titled, ‘Before you Call it Quits’

When he wrote the book, Kudzi had in mind a man who had grown to be his role model who committed suicide before getting to officially talk to him.

“I was at this conference and there was a man who was preaching as a guest speaker. While listening to him, I told myself that one day I would like to be like him. Whilst still at that, the man called me and gave me the first prophesy of my life saying I was one day going to be a preacher and prayed for me. I failed to talk to him further because of the crowds and the next thing I heard was that he had committed suicide,” said Kudzi.

“This made me to realise that gifts come with pressure and some choices we take may affect the people whom we do not even know so I felt compelled to write to a person who is at the verge of quitting inspiring him or her to keep going,” added Kudzi.

Kudzi discovered that he was a writer at the age of twenty when he was jotting motivational quotes for himself.

“I discovered my gift by accident. I was writing short notes to inspire myself and without realising it, the notes grew into a book which I later perfected into, ‘Confronting Mediocrity- Rising from Insignificance to becoming Indispensable.”

This became his first book and was published in 2020 after three years of writing. He said the book started more like a note to self since he had low self-esteem.

“I wrote the first book for myself because I needed to be inspired. I had low self-esteem but I felt I had greatness within me. I suffered being overlooked and underrated but I was convinced I had something so big inside me even if it was not yet visible to people,” said Kudzi.

He further added that having low self-esteem is costly thus he felt it inside him to change the lives of people with issues similar to his.

“I discovered that being average and having low self-esteem is costing so many people and is often disguised as comfort zone so I decided to be phenomenal and teach other people to have confidence and fight mediocracy.

The book received great attention and also changed his life financially.  He received feedback from a lot of people whose life changed after reading which proved to him that he had it in him to change his own life and also the lives of other people with issue similar to those he had.

“I did not rest my laurels, I followed up the book with Youth is Golden (Dating, Dreams and Destiny). I always had a powerful command with young people and I believe in youths so much and being a youth president in my church made it easy for me to understand the challenges faced by youths. I also had realised that many old people living average lives had big dreams growing up but failed to make them a reality,” added Kudzi.

Youth is golden further opened many avenues for him as he was invited by various organisations to speak to the youths.

“I was invited to be a speaker at Trail Blazer Couch night, Upper Room Ministries Youth Camp and many other important events for big organisations.

After yet another year, bringing us to this day, he has released the book Before you call it quits and is making it a goal to give people something inspirational every year.

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