NetOne’s Service Boosts Result in 7,3pc Increase

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Mobile network operator, NetOne, experienced a significant 7,3 percent increase in its internet and data traffic market share, reaching 32,6 percent in the first quarter of 2023.

This achievement comes as a result of the company’s successful initiatives to enhance service delivery.

The data was revealed in the abridged sector performance report by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz).

NetOne also observed a positive 2,8 percent gain in voice traffic market share during the same period.

Both voice and data segments contribute significantly to the revenue of mobile networks, making this growth crucial for NetOne’s efforts to improve customer value.

Among Zimbabwe’s three active mobile network operators, NetOne was the only operator to witness an increase in voice and data traffic market share in the reviewed quarter. Econet and Telecel, on the other hand, experienced declines in voice traffic market share by 2,6 percent and 0,2 percent respectively. Econet’s internet and data traffic market share also declined by 7,3 percent, while Telecel’s remained constant at 0,2 percent.

NetOne’s Group CEO, Engineer Raphael Mushanawani, attributed the positive results to the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance operations. He highlighted the impact of NetOne’s National Mobile Broadband (NMBB) program, aimed at driving digital connectivity growth in the country.

While acknowledging the achievements, Eng. Mushanawani emphasised the need to continuously benchmark the company’s services with global best practices.

NetOne has been focused on providing quality services and value to its customers, with campaigns and initiatives aimed at increasing service accessibility and offering added value through products available on their platforms.

As part of its growth initiatives, NetOne plans to install over 340 base stations across the country, primarily focused on 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies. This expansion aims to improve network coverage, particularly in border areas, and enable high-speed data provision for enhanced business intelligence.

In terms of active mobile subscriptions, Econet experienced a marginal 0,1 percent growth, reaching 9 996 255 million subscribers, while NetOne witnessed a 4,5 percent decrease, reaching 3,7 million subscribers in the first quarter. Telecel, unfortunately, experienced a significant decline of 21,1 percent in active mobile subscriptions, with 307 795 subscribers.

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