Mwonzora dismisses allegations of incompetency

Libinance Dokora

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Douglas Mwonzora has dismissed claims of incompetency and embezzlement of funds citing that his party is the only one which stood head and shoulders above the rest in fighting against unfair delimitation.

These claims of gross incompetency and mismanagement of funds were made by his top party allies who defected to other political parties including Mwonzora’s top aid and Warren Park Constituency Councillor.

MDC spokesperson also defected to ZANU PF at a ruling party’s presidential star rally in Centenary.

According to Mhetu, his paradigm shift from MDC to CCC is anchored on his need to support an opposition party with a realistic chance of removing the ruling party that has held power for 43 years.

Addressing journalists at a press conference at Harvest House today, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Douglas Mwonzora dismissed the claims highlighting that his party’s stance against the delimitation and fight against unfair treatment by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)
is a clear sign that the party is not incompetent.

“My administration is not incompetent, the fact that we fought delimitation when everybody else was not fighting, does not denote incompetency on our party.

“The fact that we were discriminated against and we sought justice is not incompetency at all,” he said.

He went on to highlight that claims of funds embezzlement of funds are just mere disrepute by destructors adding that there  nowhere he could be
involved in mismanagement of funds as his party system has authorities that are responsible for running the party’s financial administration.

“The MDC has a constitution which tells us how finances are handled in this party. The finances are handled by a committee called administration and finance committee and in that committee the president does not sit. Under the MDC system the president does not have financial functions, he does not disburse money, and he does not deal with finance,” he said.

The politician also said that he is not involved in any mismanagement of funds citing his political career has been able to sustain him.

“Mr Mwonzora has been a lawyer for over thirty years not a bad one for that matter and as a lawyer we are paid for our services and l make a living out of that.

I have been a senator, a leader of the opposition, these are remunerated positions for that matter and therefore there is no need for touching the coffers of the party y,” he said.

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