Muzorewa promises an end to sanctions

Phillipa Jaja

The United African National Council (UANC), president Reverend Gwinyai Muzorewa says
his election in the 2023 Presidential polls will see sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe removed
as he will ensure an end to human rights abuses.

He was speaking at the launch of his party manifesto in the city today ahead of the country’s
2023 presidential polls for which he is vying for the presidency.

“We all know the reason behind them (sanctions) that is human rights violations. Therefore, I
will announce an end to them, the night before my inauguration…it is basically a game where
some individual are blacklisted not all of us … If you remember when Ian Smith was slapped
with sanctions he changed the people he was dealing with. We can also do the same” he said.

Muzorewa promised a committed leadership dedicated to ending the economic malaise in the
country which he said was instigated by the ruling party.

“The economy of Zimbabwe has gradually and steadily deteriorated since ZANU PF
government took over from the UANC government…Now it is time for economic revival for
the nation. We just have to create an atmosphere that is politically conducive to economic
stability, growth and development,” he opined.

His manifesto promises include an honest government, creation of jobs, free education for
grade 1 to upper 6, title deeds, a peaceful and corrupt free leadership.

The presidential aspirant was elected as UANC President in 2017 at a congress held in
Harare. Prior to that, the party had an interim leadership following the death of his brother,
Abel, in 2010.

Abel Muzorewa, widely believed to be a puppet of then Rhodesia Prime Minister, Ian Smith,
was briefly the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Rhodesia in 1979 before the first democratic
elections in 1980 which ushered in the first black government led by Robert Mugabe.

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