Mugabe takes DNA justice beyond borders

Review & Mail writer

DNA fraudsters in South Africa find themselves shaking in their boots after Tinashe Mugabe landed in the country, showing that he means business.

Tinashe Mugabe shared a picture on Facebook of him- self next to a sign that reads Welcome to Gauteng. Mugabe, popularly known as the
DNA Man, has gained popularity from his famous The Closure DNA Show.

The show has quickly gained popularity in Zimbabwe as it has helped many families with child paternity issues. Zimbabweans have watched Tinashe Mugabe help families find closure when trust has been tainted.

The Closure DNA show had crossed borders before and intervened in cases of paternity injustices. With many questions lingering in the minds of his fans and followers on the purpose of his visit, many are excited that he is taking his work beyond borders.

With many Zimbabweans in South Africa searching for greener pastures, many families stay in the country’s different provinces.

Many have called for him to visit South Africa or launch a South African Version of the show.

Tinashe Mugabe’s visit to South Africa came soon after he visited Zambia and launched the show in Zambia. Many will not be surprised if his visit to South Africa is purely for work.

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