Mr Brown, Makhadzi’s producer responds to reports of being deported

By Entertainment Reporter

Popular music producer Mr Brown, real name Lynol Siwela has responded to reports about him being deported from South Africa after failing to renew his work permit and overstaying in the country.

The singer and songwriter who is responsible for the majority of Makhadzi’s hit songs was prevented from entering the country at the border gate on his way from Botswana. The producer said Open Mic Productions was supposed to sort out the issues with immigration, but they later backed out, citing financial constraints.

Mr Brown has also worked with other celebrated artist in South Africa in the form of Master KG and Zanda Zakuza, just to name a few, It was alleged that the musician was staying and working in South Africa illegally. Mr Brown was sent back home to Zimbabwe due to overstaying, even after his documents had expired.

“I went out to Botswana, and then on my way back I was stopped. I was alone. My only issue was that the label was supposed to help me sort out the matter in three days, but they said it was too costly to pay my lawyer, and I was sent back home. I overstayed, and I was then supposed to appeal, but I didn’t, and that is how I was refused entry back to South Africa,” he told Zimoja.

The producer, who seems to have a close relationship with Makhadzi, is getting affected by the current atmosphere caused by the contract renewal tussle, and he might not be returning until everything is settled.

“I can come back anytime if I want to, but I am still good here. I am just worried about my wife, who is giving birth this month. To be honest, I am avoiding the drama that is currently happening between Makhadzi and Open Mic. I don’t want to be seen as taking sides or being caught in the crossfire, so I want to stay in Zim until the dust settles,” he says.

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