MP turns parliament office into bar

By Nyasha Mutero

Opposition Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) James Chidakwa converted a parliament office into a bar, documents seen by the Review and Mail can reveal.

The publication is in possession of documents showing that an honourable office of Parliament which is supposed to handle matters that affect the community is no longer that which it seeks to represent but, a relaxation hive for beer lovers and is boldly inscribed “Tap House bar”.

The member of Parliament denied any close association with the place or knowledge of its exact situate in the constituency despite the fact that it is located in the constituency he is responsible for.

” I have totally no idea about that because as a parliamentarian I was never given an office by parliament.

“If parliament had allocated our constituency or me an office that would have been against the law for that office to be used otherwise but in this instance, parliament knows in all truthfulness that they don’t own an office in Mabvuku and they don’t pay anything for any office in Mabvuku/Tafara and that is my knowledge and theirs as well,” said Hon Chidhakwa.

Documents prove that there is a parliamentarian office with the address no. 9 Nehanda Street Mabvuku and that building is Tap House bar. A man whom many referred to as Billy said the bar was only closed yesterday after someone leaked information to responsible offices that the office was being abused.

“The bar was closed yesterday. It was not supposed to be run as a bar but parliament offices. Someone must have decided to elbow mukomana. It’s closed now, maybe for good,” he said

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