MP engages Marondera West residents, vows to improve infrastructure, and promote peaceful elections

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MARONDERA WEST – In a bid to address the pressing concerns of his constituency, Hon Godwin Tavaziva, Member of Parliament for Marondera West, held a productive meeting with residents of wards 12 and 14 on July 1, 2023.

The gathering provided an opportunity for the community to interact directly with their elected representative and discuss pertinent issues affecting their daily lives.

One of the key promises made by Hon Godwin Tavaziva was the continuation of road network construction in the constituency. Tavaziva recognised the transportation challenges faced by the residents and emphasised the importance of well-maintained roads for economic growth, accessibility, and improved quality of life.

He assured the attendees that significant efforts would be made to address these issues and alleviate the transport difficulties currently experienced in the area.

During the meeting, Hon Tavaziva also called for peaceful participation in the upcoming elections. With primary elections concluded, Tavaziva urged the community to unite and work towards defeating opposition parties. Emphasising the significance of a peaceful democratic process, he encouraged
voters to engage in constructive dialogue, respect differing opinions, and refrain from any form of violence or intimidation during the election period.

In addition to his political agenda, Hon Godwin Tavaziva also emphasised the importance of addressing the issue of drug abuse among the youth.

Acknowledging the adverse effects that substance abuse can have on individuals and society as a whole, Tavaziva appealed to the younger generation to resist the temptation and detrimental consequences associated with drug misuse.

He stressed the need for educational campaigns, community support systems, and the involvement of parents and guardians in combating this pressing issue.

The meeting with Hon Godwin Tavaziva received an overwhelmingly positive response from the residents of wards 12 and 14. Attendees expressed
their appreciation for the opportunity to engage with their representative directly and the reassurance provided by his promises. Many residents voiced their hope that the road network construction would soon commence, thereby addressing their transportation challenges and improving access to essential services.

The event concluded with Hon Godwin Tavaziva expressing his gratitude to the attendees for their participation and reiterating his
commitment to serving the constituents of Marondera West. He pledged to continue engaging with the community and finding solutions to their concerns, ensuring their voices were heard and their needs were met.

As the election season approaches, residents of Marondera West eagerly await the realisation of the promised road network improvements
and the positive changes that Hon Godwin Tavaziva’s tenure will bring. The community remains hopeful that his efforts will contribute to the development and prosperity of Marondera West as they work together towards a bright future.

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