Motorsport Zimbabwe launches state-of the-art karting track at National Sports Stadium

Motorsport Zimbabwe has unveiled a brand new karting track located at the iconic National Sports Stadium in Harare. The completion of this state-of-the-art facility has already attracted newcomers to the sport and is set to revolutionise the karting scene in the country.

Designed as a comprehensive karting center, the venue offers a wide range of racing and rental kart activities, in addition to housing a dedicated kart shop and top-notch coaching facilities,FIA reports

The early feedback from both professional racers and rental kart enthusiasts has been overwhelmingly positive, further elevating the visibility and popularity of karting in Zimbabwe.

Spanning an impressive 800 meters in length and 9 meters in width, the track boasts a perfect blend of fast-flowing stretches and technical sections, ensuring a positive experience for drivers of all skill levels. The race track can be driven in both anticlockwise and clockwise directions, providing endless variety. Additionally, rental kart enthusiasts can explore further possibilities with nine alternative track configurations.

Emphasizing safety as a top priority, the newly constructed karting track complies with the FIA technical and meets all local safety requirements. The dedicated management team is committed to providing a secure environment for karting enthusiasts and is actively working towards achieving global FIA safety standards. To promote sustainability, the facility is fully powered by a solar inverter system, ensuring its electricity needs are met while reducing its carbon footprint.

The visionaries behind this groundbreaking project are Kevin and Zac Dufty, both former Zimbabwean karting champions. Drawing inspiration from renowned South African tracks and the prestigious South Garda kart track in Italy, the Dufty brothers embarked on the mission to establish a world-class karting facility in Zimbabwe. The venue itself was transformed from a disused carpark with a rough surface into a meticulously crafted track. Local company Stoddart Machinery played a pivotal role by laying an asphalt slurry specially formulated to withstand the rigorous demands of karting. After a two-week curing period, extensive testing commenced, with minor adjustments made to certain sections of the track to optimize grip levels and minimize tire wear.

Motorsport Zimbabwe, together with the dedicated management team, looks forward to a fruitful collaboration that aims to reinvigorate motor sport within the country and promote inclusivity at the grassroots level.

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