Mnangagwa says measures in place for credible elections

By Senior Reporter

President Mnangagwa has opened the door to  Western observers and emphasised that measures are in place for credible elections.

Zimbabwe holds harmonised elections in August, and international observers from Western countries are seen as key to conferring legitimacy to the process which Zimbabwe needs to shake off pariah status.

Western countries have previously led the charge in condemning elections since 2000, including the last elections in 2018, leading the southern African country to grapple with a legitimacy crisis.

Yesterday, the President made some lofty promises to the West during his address to the High-Level Debt Resolution Forum on Zimbabwe Arrears Clearance and Debt Resolution Process, which opened in Harare, in front of a number of Western diplomats.

The debt restructuring process itself, which will see Western countries allowing Zimbabwe to borrow from such institutions as the International Monetary Fund, is tied to political conditions, including compensating former commercial farmers.

Mnangagwa said: “I want to assure you all that my Government has put in place the requisite mechanisms to guarantee peaceful, free, fair, and credible elections. “International observers are welcome and will be invited through the relevant channels at the appropriate time in accordance with our laws.”

The Zimbabwean leader added a sweetener for Western countries keen to see more liberal politics.

“My Government stands committed to consolidating Constitutionalism, the rule of law, good governance, and protecting Constitutionally enshrined rights and freedoms,” said the President.