Mnangagwa fetes Mozambican counterpart, Nyusi

… As new economic corridor – take shape

By Senior Writer

President Mnangagwa last night threw a banquet in honour of visiting Mozambican leader Philippe Nyusi, and there is evidence the two sides are toasting to a new bond of friendship.

Zimbabwe and Mozambique share a historical bond, mostly defined by cooperation during and after Independence where Mozambique provided support for the country’s liberation while the western neighbour has assisted to fight rebels since the early 1980s.

Mozambique has faced renewed instability lately through the proliferation of jihadist or Islamic militants following the discovery of oil in northern parts of the country; and Zimbabwe has obligingly come to the aid of the neighbour with whom it shares thousands of miles of border from the south western extremity bordering South Africa to the north east where Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique meet.

Part of the reasons why Nyusi is in Zimbabwe is to mark the groundbreaking for a statue of liberation icon, Samora Machel, the former Mozambican much celebrated here for his assistance towards the liberation struggle (Read analysis here)

The others relate to the growing economic ties between the two countries, including finding solutions to Zimbabwe’s enduring energy deficit.

Nyusi’s visit come on the heels of, and agreements reached during the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Joint Permanent Commission on Co-operation (JPCC) held in November 2021 and subsequently the State visit to Mozambique by President Mnangagwa in April 2022.

Review & Mail can authoritatively reveal today that one of the key meeting points for the two nations is economic cooperation in light of big investments and infrastructural developments that are taking place in the two countries.

The massive investment by Chinese giant, Tsingshan Holdings, which is building a steel plant in Chivhu will result in the two countries sharing infrastructure such as rail and seaports.

The two countries will further share interests in a metals value chain through an industrial park and other greenfield investments brought in by the Chinese.

Other countries, including America, are angling for opportunities that will come from the developments.

And already, a lot of diplomatic contact has been made by the two sides to develop the new economic corridor.

The discovery of oil in Zimbabwe’s Muzarabani area and the availability of security-sensitive uranium resources in Kanyemba, all bordering Mozambique, are also key reasons why the two countries are interlocking in a closer embrace.

Yesterday, Mnangagwa said: “There is a bond of blood between the two Republics, and this is what we must keep as a legacy from one generation to another. This State visit is a demonstration of that bond. We are doing our best to promote synergies, in particular in the areas of economic co-operation so that we can assist each other in developing our respective economies”.

Nyusi outlined the key security dimension of the two sides.

“I had an opportunity to update President Mnangagwa on the developments in Mozambique particularly the fight with terrorists in Cabo Delgado province,” said Nyusi.

“You should know that we are being helped by our brothers and sisters from SADC and Zimbabwe is one active member of SADC that is playing an important role.”

He explained: “Zimbabwe has also been playing a key role in training our special forces that are fighting terrorists in northern Mozambique. The security situation has improved dramatically in Mozambique. Of course we have been defeating the terrorists, and displaced people are now going back to their homes.”

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