Education ministry to clamp down on chaos

Review & Mail Writer

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has set up teams to deal with chaos and malpractices that have bedivilled the sector.

The sector is reeling under a number of problems because of poor regulation and continued informalisation, with Government teachers demotivated after years of poor remuneration.

The “state of nature” has bred all manner of ills, some of which are rubbing off onto learners whom stakeholders complain are being lost to vices such as drugs and sex.

This has led to Government instituting teams across the country to deal with issues.

In a statement to the media Wednesday, the ministry’s spokesperson, Toungana Ndoro said: “The Ministry has activated strategic command centres throughout the country to actively deal with unsavoury practices within the sector.

“Such practices include but are not limited to chasing away pupils for nonpayment of fees, conducting paid for extra-lessons, discrimination and corruption in enrolment, use of corporal punishment, charging of unapproved fees and levies amongst other malpractices.”

Government has issued a number of directives and warnings against the various malpractices, but the situation has hardly been arrested.

“Parents, guardians, teachers and pupils are advised to make use of the command centre focal persons so that every school-going child has access to quality, relevant, equitable and wholesome primary and secondary education,” Ndoro said.

A comprehensive list of focal persons and their contact details has been released, covering all provinces.

Officials include education directors and schools inspectors.

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