Minister Rwodzi issues threats to police officer

Libinance Dokora

Ministry of Environment Climate Tourism and Hospitality, Minister Barbara Rwodzi o has come under intense scrutiny and faced public backlash after reportedly issuing threats to a police officer during a recent altercation.

In an audio which went viral on social media the deputy minister is heard attempting to overlook a police officer by asserting her authority citing that the law is subservient to her in an effort to leverage her ministerial position to shield her colleague from facing the wrath of the law.

The incident has sparked concerns about the abuse of power and the conduct of government officials, raising questions about the minister’s suitability for public office.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police official twitter handle confirmed the issue.
“The ZRP has taken note of the audio circulating on social media concerning the incident involving some ZRP Charundura members allegedly with the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Hospitality, Honourable Barbra Rwodzi. The case is now under investigations.”

The suspect is facing allegations of tearing down posters of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is reportedly associated with Rwodzi’s campaign team.
Minister Rwodzi in the leaked audio insulted the police officer by calling her a dog, stupid idiot before she goes on to demand for all the evidence against her colleague.
“You are the one handling Danger’s case? What is his crime? Do you have evidence, I want it and when did he commit this crime,” Rwodzi said.
“I am following everything you are doing. I am not like all these other people you are used to talking to.
“You are failing to do your job as a police officer, on 12 July I was with him. As an Assistant Inspector and your seniors can you not sit and discuss matter before presenting them to Law and Order?
“You are a stupid idiot, you are a f…ing idiot, a dog. I want to finish you, I want to take you as far as Matanga’s office,” said Rwodzi.

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