MHHF to partner Sally Mugabe, Parirenyatwa Annex Psychiatric hospital in drug abuse fight

A local foundation, the Miracle Helping Hand Foundation (MHHF) is in the process of seeking partnership with two key rehabilitation centres so as to address the scourge of drug abuse.

MHHF founder and team leader Farayi Mujeni, whose Foundation has been instrumental in spearheading local community efforts to fight drug abuse said they wanted to engage with Sally Mugabe and Parirenyatwa Annex Psychiatrichospital in an interview today.

“We are in the process of normalising our relationship with Sally Mugabe and Parirenyatwa Annex Psychiatrichospital,” said Mujeni in an interview with Review and Mail today.

Drugs and illicit substances abuse are key problems affecting the country at the moment which led to the Government unveiling $500 million to fight the scourge a few weeks ago.

Mujeni’s Foundation has been complementing governmental efforts through community interactive activities to deter the youth from abusing drugs.

“MHHF established a youth desk called Talk to me in 2018 which connects young people with different experts, community leaders, organisations and professionals such as lawyers, nurses, psychologists, and pastors.

“All these talk to young people through organised community meetings in specified venue to inspire and discuss any problems they are facing, including drug abuse.”

The programs which are open to everyone are usually held through community invitations and referrals and these have elicited societal appreciation as they are relevant to youths.

He said societal cooperation was important in complementing efforts to fight drug abuse.

“Society has an important role to play in fighting drug abuse. Collaboration among law enforcement, health, and social service agencies can help reduce demand, which fuels drug trafficking activities. Civil society can also play a crucial role in combating drug abuse by providing treatment and rehabilitation services for addicts.

“It’s important to combat misconceptions about drug abuse and addiction that perpetuate stereotypes and stigma. Society can also support those struggling with addiction by providing access to medical treatment and support services. NGOs and other organizations can also play a role in preventing drug abuse, treating addicts, and fighting drugs. Overall, society can work together to address the complex issue of drug abuse and addiction through education, prevention, and treatment efforts

He said there was need to correct misconceptions about drug abuse so as to effectively combat it.

There are several misconceptions about drug abuse and addiction. Some common ones include the belief that willpower alone is enough to overcome addiction, that only “hard” drugs like cocaine and heroin are addictive, and that it’s easy to identify an addict.

“Other misconceptions include the idea that addiction is a choice or a moral failing, and that it only affects certain types of people. It’s important to understand the facts about addiction in order to combat stigma and provide effective support and treatment to those who need it.”

June 26 was set aside by the General Assembly as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse.

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  1. The work you’re doing is greatly appreciated within our community . If we all come together to support those affected, we will defeat drug addiction.

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