Media plays key role in peace building: Prof Magosvongwe

Leafias Mazviro and Libinance Dokora

Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Chairperson, Professor Ruby Magosvongwe, highlighted the influential role of the media in shaping Zimbabwe’s image both regionally and internationally.

Speaking at the official launch of the Review and Mail Newspaper in Harare Professor Magosvongwe underscored the significant responsibility media outlets hold in either building or damaging the country’s reputation on the global stage.

Recognizing the power of the media to shape public perception, Professor Magosvongwe said the need for journalists and media organizations to exercise ethical and responsible reporting.

“We build, we either make Zimbabwe repulsive or attractive that’s we either build or we destroy. And it is very easy to destroy something that you have been building over the past 20 or so years as you are going through that can be blown in a minute because of some irresponsible reported or irresponsible reporting,” Prof Magosvongwe said.

Professor Magosvongwe acknowledged that while the media should hold the Government accountable and report on issues of public interest, it should also strive to showcase Zimbabwe’s achievements, culture, and potential.

Prof Magosvongwe thanked the Review & Mail for taking a brave step of launching a newspaper saying, “most of us are waiting for the rain, waiting for the good season, you have seen it fit to take the risk and make a name and carve out a niche for review and mail.

And I want to thank you as the Media Commission.”

Furthermore, Professor Magosvongwe stressed the importance of unbiased reporting, objectivity, and fact-checking. He urged media professionals to uphold high journalistic standards, avoid sensationalism, and present accurate and balanced information to the public.

The Chairperson of ZMC also emphasised the need for Review & Mail newspaper outlets to play a proactive role in promoting national unity, peace, and social cohesion. He called upon journalists to avoid divisive narratives and contribute to a constructive national dialogue that fosters unity among Zimbabwe’s diverse population.

In response to Professor Magosvongwe’s remarks, Chief Executive Officer Review & Mail Tichaona Zindoga expressed their commitment to upholding professional ethics and responsibility.

“I acknowledged the media’s potential impact on Zimbabwe’s image and pledged to work towards fair, accurate, and balanced reporting that contributes to the country’s positive portrayal,” Zindoga said.

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