MDC Official Disrupt Morgan Komichi’s Takeover Announcement

Phillipa Jaja

Morgan Komichi’s announcement of his takeover of the movement left by the late Morgan Tsvangirai, the former leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in Zimbabwe, was marred by disruption caused by thugs affiliated with MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora.

During a press conference held by Komichi in Harare, the MDC National Chairman, one of the official abruptly interrupted the proceedings and accused Komichi of betraying Mwonzora, likening his actions to the biblical narratives of Adonijah and Absalom, who were known as usurpers of the throne belonging to King David.

The disruption came towards the end of the briefing, taking both Komichi and the attendees by surprise. The Official’s interjection highlighted the internal tensions within the MDC and the struggle for leadership and control of the party.

Komichi, who intended to assert his authority and leadership over the MDC movement, was clearly taken aback by the confrontation. The disruption shed light on the deep-rooted divisions and power struggles that have plagued the MDC in recent times.

The reference to Absalom and Adonijah, two sons of King David from the biblical accounts, suggested a comparison to historical figures known for their attempts to seize power and authority from their rightful leaders.

The official  accusation implied that Komichi’s actions were seen as an act of betrayal and an illegitimate power grab within the MDC.

“I think you are an Adonijah of the day because this press conference was supposed to happen at the MDC offices which is Harvest House. Adonijah had to announce his leadership away from the palace and Solomon had to be anointed to take over from whatever Adonijah wanted to do.

“So Komichi you are the Adonijah of the day because you presided over the congress at the MDC Harvest House over there. You were the Chairman at Harvest and you were nominated and refused the nomination at the congress you were presiding over.

“If you people read about Adonijah in the Bible, this is what you are doing. You have the Absalom spirit of going to the veranda and announcing that don’t worry my president is not here. The MDC president is not here ad yet here you are announcing your candidature,” he said. 

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