Mazarura releases hot jiti single, ‘Ndomulocker Here’

 Entertainment Review Writer

Afro-fusion musician Mazarura, real name Ranson Madzamba, has released a saucy single, Ndomulocker Here, as he readies for the festive season.

He dropped the video this Monday on YouTube and the song is likely to chime in with jiti music lovers – and also catch the eye because of the provocative dances associated with the genre.

Jiti is undergoing massive renaissance in the country, with artistes such as Baba Harare bringing this 1990s beat back to the fore.

Mazarura is riding the wave and Ndomulocker Here could feature on many a jiti lover’s playlist.

“I am an Afro – fusion artist and I do like anything traditional if not Zimbabwean,” Mazarura said in an exclusive interview with Review & Mail on Wednesday.

“Jiti is totally Zimbabwean and I have fallen in love with it. This is indeed one of my Christmas presents to my fans and all jiti lovers in the country.”

Ndomulocker Here is party song about a man who is so much worried about the beauty of his  lover who is a centre of attraction.

The persona knows a lot of men lust after her, and thus considers doing some rituals commonly known as the “central locking system” so that the girl totally belongs to him and no one dares snatching.

It is a lighthearted, funny, dance song that will have fans on the dance floor this festive season.

The video was shot at Mashwede Village, one of the top leisure centres in Harare.

Mazarura revealed that he is hard at work with a new project.

“I am currently working on some videos of my new album. The project is actually my Christmas present to my fans. I am also going to tour the country during the festive season taking my Mazarura brand to the people.”

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