Makandiwa prophecy divides social media

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A prophecy by Emmanuel Makandiwa predicting a victory for ZANU PF in the upcoming harmonised elections has dividied social media.

Makandiwa’s prophecy is at odds with that of Nigerian pastor Samuel Akinboduse, who predicted a victory for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Prominent politician Themba Mliswa, who is outspoken on national issues, criticised Makandiwa for not speaking out about social ills affecting the people.Mliswa’s condemnation comes amid growing anticipation and tensions surrounding the upcoming elections, where incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa seeks re-election.

Makandiwa, a prominent religious leader and founder of the United Family International Church, had reportedly prophesied that President Mnangagwa would emerge victorious in the upcoming election.

While such prophecies are not uncommon in Zimbabwean society, Mliswa questioned their relevance in the face of the nation’s complex challenges. *

“It’s tiresome how these supposed men of God keep posturing about prophesying who the winner of the elections will be without also speaking out against the many human rights abuses, corruption, violence, and other political vices plaguing the country,” Mliswa’s tweet read.

Mliswa’s sentiments have sparked discussions across social media platforms, with many users echoing his concerns about the priorities of religious leaders in Zimbabwe. Critics argue that while election prophecies might be of interest to some followers, the country’s more pressing issues demand the attention of spiritual leaders who possess a significant platform and influence.

However another Tawanda Chitapi – a Facebook user – disagreed with Makandiwa’s prophecy.

“That prophecy is more a reflection of Makandiwa’s preference, than anything else. There is a strong indication that most people will vote for Chamisa this time around,” said Chitapi.

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