Mahere found guilty

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, was found guilty of spreading falsehoods that were harmful to the government and law enforcement.

When Mahere tweeted that the Zimbabwe Republic Police had murdered an infant with a baton stick in 2020, the case that arose from her tween years was prosecuted and she was found guilty.

She attempted to clear herself during her original trial by claiming that she saw a video of a child in motionless state with a crowd yelling that the police had killed the child before posting her tweet.

Mahere’s assertions, according to Harare regional magistrate Mr. Taurai Manuwere, were reckless and unjustifiable.

Manuwere added that Mahere should have checked the facts before tweeting as an advocate with extensive expertise in the legal community.

The court further determined that Mahere’s claims that violence is in the ZRP’s DNA tarnished and undermined the organization’s reputation, giving the impression that the force is full of bad cops.

The prosecution wants her jailed for three years because they believe that a fine would diminish the offense, which entails a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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