Luton Town celebrates poem by a Zimbo dedicated to Marvellous Nakamba

By Sports Writer

English football side Luton Town FC celebrated a poem dedicated to Marvellous Nakamba written by a Zimbabwean going under the pen name “borezimbabwean” and posted it on the Hatters’ social media page.

The love affair between the Championship side Zimbabwe international midfielder Nakamba has blossomed in the pas couple of months since the steely player moved from Premiership club Aston Villa.

In April, the Hatters voted for Nakamba their most valuable player.

The club is on the brink of EPL qualification having secured third place for play offs, and Nakamba has played no small part in the charge.

Below is the poem posted on the Hatters’ page:

In the heart of Luton town,
Where the Hatters wear their crown,
There’s a player, strong and true,
Who defends with all he can do.

Marvelous Nakamba is his name,
And on the pitch he plays his game,
A midfielder of great skill,
Who always works with a will.

He stands strong, like a rock,
Blocking every forward’s mock,
With his tackles fierce and true,
He helps the team see it through.

He’s the guardian of the back,
A leader on the field, in attack,
With his vision sharp and clear,
He keeps the opponents in fear.

When the game is on the line,
And victory is what’s on the mind,
Nakamba’s the one to trust,
For he always delivers, never a bust.

So here’s to Nakamba, our hero,
Our defensive midfielder, never a zero,
For his play is marvelous indeed,
A true Luton town legend, that’s what we need.

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