Loved by men, hated by many

Zvakwana Sweto

With the issue of infidelity in relationships rampant these days, particularly marriages, trending on Zimbabwe social media platforms in the last few days, it is a wise decision for men to the paternity of their children.

This comes after a string of DNA results announced on the popular show, The Closure DNA Show, are proving that men out there are keeping children which they are not biologically related to. The show is hosted by none other than Tinashe Mugabe, popularly known as the ‘DNA man.’

The present situation has resulted in intense discussion on whether men should request DNA tests from their wives and significant others upon the birth of children. Unsurprisingly, most men seem to be for the idea of DNA tests, with some going as far as suggesting that paternity tests should be mandatory.

Harare based social commentator, Kudzanayi Sithole supported the idea of mandatory DNAs. “DNAs tests should be mandatory as they give men some peace of mind. Any woman who truly loves their partner must take this as a benefit of their union not as an act of mistrust,” he said.

DNA paternity tests are loved by men yet on the other hand are hated by many. This is because genetics don’t lie and will reveal the real father of the child in question. Many a woman have been taking advantage of being selective when choosing who to call the father of the child in the event that they are impregnated and have been having multiple partners.

Some might have heard the name but without a deep understanding of what it really is. Here is a brief definition; DNA paternity testing is an important tool used to prove or disprove a biological parent-child relationship. The test uses a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) profile for each individual and compares the data to determine if there is a genetic match.

If the child and potential non-gestational parent genetically match, then they are the biological parent. If the data does not match, then they are excluded as the biological parent.

“Fathers play an important role in their child’s wellbeing and development and establishing a bond early has many benefits. Paternity testing can help in making sure relationships get off on the right foot by removing any doubts about the identity of a child’s father,” added Sithole.

Some would be quick to point out that it takes more than DNA to be a good father and children can develop fantastic relationships with adults who are not their biological parents. But there are good reasons to use paternity tests to discover the exact relationship between a man and his potential child even if the results would not change the way they feel about each other.

Personally, l have watched several DNA shows and l must admit that the painful moment to most men is when results are announced. For instance, Tinashe Mugabe will say;

“The alleged father of the tested child is excluded as the biological father of the tested child. The probability of paternity is 0%.”

Every time l hear this, l feel tears in my eyes, l feel the pain but I’m always happy at the end of the day as the man will have found peace of mind.

If you have been living under the same roof and raising the child in question, you probably aren’t too happy to hear this news. The same goes for responsible fathers paying child support to a child who is not biologically theirs. The deception and pain are unimaginable.

As couples and single young people, it is a noble idea to accept that a lot is happening in our generation. Having DNA tests must not be taken as an act of lack of trust but a way to bring peace of mind to parties involved. The message here is that those who question paternity should have a paternity test. The sooner the better.

DNA tests are important and are done for several reasons including;

•             Sense of identity – a child knowing to whom they are biologically linked

•             Health history – hereditary factors influence preventative health measures

•             Benefits – health insurance, social security and other benefits that may benefit biological children

In conclusion, let us all take part in helping and supporting our colleagues to take DNA issues seriously. People must know that genetics do not lie. For your peace of mind, and the future of the child, DNAs are the way to go.

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