Lithium prices spiral down

…As Zim miner says price is quarter of last year

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Prices of lithium have dropped drastically in China, and local producers are reeling after heavy investments in Zimbabwe.

Recently, during the launch of the Chinese New Energy Association of Zimbabwe – a grouping of miners in renewable energy minerals such as lithium, copper, manganese, nickel, among others – a top manager at one of the companies told this publication that prices had dropped significantly from last year.

“This year’s prices are just a quarter of last year,” the general manager of a large investor said.

The company started exporting in the first quarter, after investing over US$700 million.

A report on Bloomberg published today confirm that prices of lithium carbonate in China fell to 166,500 yuan (US$22,814) a tonne last Wednesday, ahead of the Golden Week holidays, a loss of almost half from the recent peak in early June.

The report said the decline has been precipitous.

“Less than a year ago, the metal reached a record of 598,000 yuan a tonne,” it said.

To slump has hammered lithium producers too, with the Sprott Lithium Miners ETF tumbling to the weakest since its inception in February, and Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF plunging to the lowest since 2020.

Demand for lithium typically picks up in the fourth quarter in China – the world’s largest EV market – because of strong battery cell production and installation, and manufacturers usually replenish their feedstock ahead of that.

Zimbabwe is said to be home to a fifth of the global lithium reserves and the country is top in Africa.

The country does not have refining capacity to achieve battery-grade lithium, and most producers export concentrates of spodumene and petalite.

Government, however, is seeking to force miners to value-add

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