Lebanon seeks to explore investment opportunities in Zimbabwe

Albert Chavunduka

Foreign investor confidence in the Zimbabwe economy is on the rise as more international countries continue to seek investment opportunities and partnerships across various sectors of
the economy.

Speaking to Review and Mail, Lebanese-Zimbabwe Friendship Association(LZFA) prsident Mr Ali Morad said talks of creating bilateral relations with Zimbabwe are at an advanced stage which
will see more business between the two countries.

“We did something in Zimbabwe last week as the first investor came from Lebanon and Congo to Zimbabwe.

The association is preparing to hold a conference for investors in Harare and we already spoke with investors from Germany, Austria and Bahrain to come and invest and share with us in this conference in Harare.

We are glad for the help of Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa who opened the door for us to do this and has since been working very hard with us to do this,” said Mr Morat.

Mr Morad called on all Lebanese people who doing business and investments in the country to adhere to the country’s rules and proper business practices.

“ Our Lebanese-Zimbabwe Friendship Association wants to tell the Lebanese people in Zimbabwe that they must respect rules in Harare.

Anyone who wants to do something illegal then we will throw him outside because we don’t want anyone to make any problem between Lebanon and Zimbabwe and to tarnish our relations because are building them step by step.”

“We will not allow anyone to try to work illegally, because respecting the labor laws in Zimbabwe is the duty of every foreigner residing in this beautiful country with the morals of its people. The association is for the service of good and everyone who works in respect of the laws.

The association will cooperate with everyone and will be at the disposal of the two governments in order to strengthen bilateral relations,” said Mr Morad.

He added that said talks between Lebanon and Zimbabwe are at an advanced stage for the establishment of full diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“We are waiting for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zimbabwe because now we can’t do anything without their approval. Already I spoke also with them and i believe they have initiated moves to formalise relations in line with international protrocols.

I think in a few months we will get to appoint a new Harare consul in Lebanon and a new Lebanon consul in Harare because our Lebanese-Zimbabwe friendship Association is working hard to do that,” he said.

Mr Morad said the association was made up of investors who have business interests in Austria, Bahrain, America and Qatar.

President Emerson Mnangagwa’s government has been pushing the engagement and re-engagement agenda since 2018 in order to improve the country’s diplomatic standing.

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