Lebanon adds voice to anti-sanctions calls

Chris Mahove, EDITOR

The Lebanese Zimbabwean Friendship Association has joined the bandwagon of countries and organisations that have condemned the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West, saying the restrictions were colonial policies meant to humiliate the people of Zimbabwe.

LZFA President, Ali Morad said the restrictions were part of colonial policies meant to humiliate the Zimbabwean people.

Morad said the sanctions were a ploy by the West to rob the freedom of expression, human dignity of Zimbabweans and to plunder their wealth.

“All you want from the authorities in Zimbabwe is to implement your policy to protect your influence, expansion, interests and greed,” he said.

He said Zimbabweans were still searching for a decent life and establishing solid friendship with various countries of the world.

“The Zimbabwean people do not manufacture, issue conspiracies, do not threaten the security and stability of the world, do not manufacture international corruption, do not manufacture germs, and do not manufacture nuclear weapons.  This people and the leadership of this people want to live in peace with all countries, including yours.  The people of Zimbabwe are defending them at a time when the United States of America and Britain are leading a global war against the culture of peoples who reject humiliation, submission and tyranny,” he said.

  The LZFA President said Western policies were only aimed at serving and helping the real corrupt people who were out of power and serve the West’s interests, adding their aim was to increase the number of promoters of the culture of surrender and defeat in order to colonize peoples and countries again.

“States that are unjust and dishonest in their spasm cannot and have no right to give lessons in humanity, spread peace and protect human rights.  Hold yourself accountable before you hold others accountable. You are attacking others, and no one has attacked you, no one has occupied your countries, and no one has stolen the goods of your country.  Zimbabwe is in the position of defending its existence and interests, and you are on the offensive to loot its wealth and destroy its existence,” he said.

Morad said the West had stolen Africa’s wealth throughout history under the pretext of helping the peoples of Africa, adding that they were now hiding under the so called poor governance and corruption to punish African leaders.

“ You say that you are imposing economic sanctions on Zimbabwe because of the current authority’s policies in administration and corruption.  Suppose your claim is true.  But what about your policies that killed millions of people around the world?  What about your administrations and corruption in the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction?”

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