Lawyer faces court for fraudulently obtaining local bridging certificate

Libinance Dokora

A Zimbabwean lawyer has appeared in court facing allegations of fraudulently acquiring a local bridging certificate from the Council of Legal Education.

The bridging certificate is a requirement for those who graduate from foreign law schools which is attained from Council of Legal Education a bridging course for external legal practitioners to convert to Zimbabwean legal practitioners. .

Grace Kurasha, who is a legal officer with a Government ministry, appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa charged with fraud and defeating the course of justice.

It is alleged that Kurasha attained her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Lusaka in Zambia in the year 2020.

Apparently, it is reported that Kurasha enrolled for the Bachelor of Procedural Laws programme with the University of Zimbabwe which she did not complete only resorting to the Council of Legal Education where she met the council’s employee Shorai Tafadzwa Mupunga whom she gave US$1000 and fraudulently got the certificate which is used to register at the High Court of Zimbabwe.

The court was told that Mupunga connived with Huggins Hardwork Duri an executive secretary of Council for Legal Education who then processed the certificate for Kurasha after receiving US41000 from Mupunga.

Duri appeared in court last week over nineteen cases of fraud in which he fraudulently processed certificates for lawyers.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission also arrested Duri for fraud cases.

The certificate was processed without any examination being written and enabled Kurasha to be admitted as a legal practitioner.

Kurasha was admitted by the Law Society of Zimbabwe after she had approached the High court of Zimbabwe and made an application to be admitted as legal practitioner using fraudulently acquired documents.

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