Kariba Border post faces closure

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has opted to cease operations at the Kariba border post due to the overwhelming volume of traffic and insufficient infrastructure capabilities.

The commencement of this suspension is anticipated to be on Thursday, 20 July.

According to the tax collector, the use of the Kariba border post is barred for those engaged in operating buses between borders, importing cars from other countries, and aiding in customs processing.

“The Commissioner of Customs and Excise wishes to advise all valued stakeholders, cross border passenger bus operators, importers of vehicles and their clearing agents as well as all cross-border travelers through Kariba, that the Authority has suspended, until further notice, the use of Kariba Border Post as a port of entry for cross border passenger ferrying buses and vehicles imported from the Far East transiting through Zambia from the Port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

“These movements will now be required to use Chirundu One Stop Border Post as the alternative,” reads the statement.

Zimra said the decision was reached in the wake of high traffic congestion being experienced at Kariba Border Post which has stretched the current infrastructure beyond its capacity to handle cross-border traffic.

“The current high traffic volumes have also adversely affected ongoing Government projects towards the refurbishment of the Kariba Dam wall structures and the hydro-power plant, both of which are critical national resources given their strategic economic importance,” read the statement.

“In liaison with the Zambia Revenue Authority, suitable intervention measures have been put in place to manage the adjustments of the port of entry in Zimbabwe and port of exit in Zambia on any declarations that had already been received and processed through the automated platforms of each Authority.

“All fresh declarations henceforth should reflect the port of exit and/or port of entry aligned to the changes effected by this notice as the case may be.”

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