JUST IN: High court strikes down Saviour Kasukuwere’s presidential ambitions

By Libinance Dokora.

In a significant blow to the political aspirations of former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere, the High Court has delivered a decisive verdict, striking down his hopes of running for the presidency in the upcoming 2023 harmonized elections.

The court’s ruling, announced today, invalidates Kasukuwere’s nomination as an aspiring presidential candidate, effectively putting an end to his pursuit of the highest office in the land. This development marks a major setback for Kasukuwere, who had been positioning himself as a formidable contender in the political landscape, and it reshapes the dynamics of the upcoming elections scheduled for August 23.

Justice David Mangota ruled that the self-exiled politician should not participate in the upcoming presidential elections as he upheld the arguments which were echoed by the ZANU PF activist Lovedale Mangwana.

In Mangwana’s court application to thwart Kasuwere from contesting in the elections, the applicant subscribed to the argument that since the former cabinet minister was in self-imposed exile for over eighteen months he is not eligible to participate in the elections as provided by the Constitution of Zimbabwe which maintains that for one to participate in the elections he or she has to be a registered voter.

“The decision by the Nomination Court to accept Kasukuwere’s nomination papers is in violation of the constitution of Zimbabwe.

“The 1st respondent has not been resident in any constituency in the Republic of Zimbabwe for a period in excess of 18 consecutive months and his name cannot, by that circumstance, be retained on the voter’s roll,” he said.

The High Court’s decision underscores the critical role of the judiciary in safeguarding the integrity and adherence to legal requirements within the electoral process, leaving Kasukuwere to reassess his political strategy and leaving his supporters in a state of uncertainty.


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