Just In: Duo found guilty for Tapiwa Makore’s murder

Nyasha Mutena

In a significant development in the tragic murder case that shook the nation, Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore Senior were pronounced guilty for the brutal killing of Tapiwa Makore Junior in 2020.

The verdict was delivered today by the High Court Justice Munamato Mutevedzi, bringing some closure to the high-profile case that has garnered widespread attention and sparked outrage across the country.

Counsel asked for time until July 6th for submissions while the High Court is expected to sit on July 11. Sentencing will be handed down on July 12 at 10am.

“Shamba is guilty beyond reasonable doubt as required by the law. Shamba is hereby found guilty for the murder of Tapiwa while Makore Snr is found guilty for the murder of Tapiwa as an accomplice,” said the judge.

“The court is satisfied that the statement by Shamba was acceptable and confirms that he committed the offence.”
He said the way Shamba explained how he sat on the boy, beheading him before cutting off his body parts and packing them shows that the murder was committed.

“He explained in graphic detail. That detail elaborates his intimate details regarding commission of the crime,” said the judge.

“The first accused (Shamba’s) situation is compounded by other issues.

“He did not only confess, he made indications, he pointed to a house the boy was detained, the container which was containing the illicit brew was also found in the same house . . . ” said the judge further stating that this proves that he was involved in the crime.

“Accused one (Shamba’s) fate is sealed by the fact that body parts were found through his confession,” said the judge.

In his disposition on Makore Snr the judge said the statement by Shamba confession cannot incriminate him as his hand should be seen in the crime. Mutevedzi said Makore Snr’s hand is not clearly seen however noting that he participated in many ways.

“The victim was detained in his house. He supplied alcohol which was used to drug the victim. The judge said Makore Snr did not dispute these allegations.

“The question which arise is if he supplied means for Shamba to commit this offence. The child was locked in his house for long hours, in fact for around 8 hrs. It is unimaginable that he wouldn’t have noticed the presence of the boy in his house,” added the judge.

Tapiwa Makore Junior, a seven-year-old boy from Murehwa, Zimbabwe, was reported missing on September 17, 2020.

His disappearance triggered a massive search operation by law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens, hoping for his safe return.

However, the investigation took a grim turn when it was revealed that the young boy had been brutally murdered, with his body dismembered in a heinous act.

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